this guy at my school wears really short shorts all the time and i asked him why he doesn’t wear normal cut shorts and he said “if the sky is out, then my thighs are out” god bless

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when someone keeps trying to take a pic of u when u already said no


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when someone say hi to ya bae for too long

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this was my home for the last 5 days. i’m finding it so fucking difficult to adjust back into my every day life after spending such an amazing time here. it was the most incredible experience and thing i have ever done in my whole entire life so far. love was radiating off EVERYONE. i have never felt so loved in my whole entire life. i didn’t have to worry about being judged. i could just be myself and all my worries were completely set aside. i woke up early every morning and swam in the river and spoke to whoever else was having an early morning dip too. i hooped and play instruments and stepped outside of my comfort zone and completely accepted everything into it. when me and my boyfriend got home he put on a song by joni mitchell and i crawled up in bed and he just couldn’t help but cry out of happiness. take me back. 

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mom: where are you going its almost midnight

me: out


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A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.

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when someone asks u for help on something ur good at


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